Baguette Weddings

Are you fed up with fancy Chateaux weddings that are way out of your budget?

Are you looking for something a bit more original and memorable?

Do you want a wedding in France that you can actually afford?

Then you’ve just arrived in the place where it can actually be made to happen!!!

Baguette Weddings offer you the chance to have your wedding celebration in France BUT ….. at a price that won’t break the bank and with a difference.

Don’t expect luxury Manoirs or Chateaux to feature in our venue selections. Don’t expect Cordon Bleu cooked weddings breakfasts. Don’t expect high priced make-up artists or photographers. Expect reality. Expect a real French wedding celebration. Expect to laugh and to have fun. Expect to remember your wedding BECAUSE it’s different!!!

Our clients are not the Bridezillas and Groomonsters of this world, with us you get what we say you’re going to get!
But you’re going to have the time of your life!!

So it’s time to have a BUDGET but GREAT wedding in France!!

Visit our website and discover how we can make your wedding FUN!!

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