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I wanted to add some information to this page about a problem and then a solution that I had when I was planning my conference overseas in France. We are a UK based events and Conference company and what we really struggled with was finding an event supplier builders a custom stage with lighting and sound equipment for a conference we were having in the Dordogne area. Because none of us speak French and a lot of other event companies that plan events within Europe we opted to use a UK based company. We spoke too many audio visual companies but none of them could supply the correct stage lighting or LED screens that we were requiring for our our event without charging us and extortionate amount of money. This came down to two companies ''option events''who are were based in London and another company called ''On Tour Events'' who again are based in London. After negotiations and a few meetings with a more and comfortable to move forward with the event using the on tour events company as we found them to be very flexible in the design of our stage and we got a real sense that we had their attention and that they really wanted to make the event look and sound good and this for us and our clients is very important so the main part of posting this article is to help other event planners or conference organisations who are looking for an audio visual company that can work within Europe I highly recommend the on tour events company for sure. Please find the contact details for this company below & good luck with your events !

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Below i talk about what we offer as a conference company & agai this might help other who are looking ar planning a conference overseas

Conference planning consists of many different elements, much more than just the conference theme and location. Conference planning includes many more steps and is significantly different from other forms of organizational planning. Conferences are large-scale affairs which normally take a whole year or more just to properly plan. Your to-do list will consist of choosing a venue, booking conference rooms, setting up registration online, securing suitable speakers, arranging meals and drinks, hosting an exhibit booth, handling payment and billing, and lastly, managing distribution.

Conference planning is a very crucial process and should be handled with much care. Conference planning requires extensive research as well as an extensive amount of preparation. It is very important to conduct proper research and to gather sufficient information about the conference topic and your conference agenda. The conference planning guide is your reliable partner in planning this event. A good conference planning guide should be able to provide you with comprehensive information about all the aspects of your conference venues. A thorough guide should also include helpful tips and advice on the major procedures and technicalities involved in planning a conference.

A good conference planning guide should help you organize, streamline, and simplify the conference planning process, thereby allowing you to better manage and control the various tasks involved in conducting an event. You should be able to clearly understand and predict all aspects of the conference, including schedule, budget, participants, location, design, and venue. This includes providing you with accurate time and ticket pricing details. Conference planning guides will have complete listings of all conference facilities, including seating arrangements, floor maps, room descriptions, and amenities, and program information. They should also give you an overview of the services, programs, and special features that your conference provides to attendees.

Because everyone attending the conference may want to show their identification badges, you should have a system for collecting them at the entry gates. You may want to use a photo ID system such as fingerprint scanners or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) cards. Photo identification badges provide greater security and peace of mind to your attendees. You may also want to keep track of the attendance of each of your employees, especially in the case of conferences with more than one thousand attendees.

Another thing you need to take into consideration is the facility and amenities available to your attendees. Are there conference rooms, convention centers, hotel rooms, meeting rooms, and exhibit halls available to you? If so, how many of them are suitable for holding the number of conference events you are planning to conduct? Do you have all the space you need for the number of people you expect to attend your conference? Do you have enough parking spaces to accommodate all the attendees of your conference? These are all questions that you should ask yourself before booking a conference venue.

Once you have answers to these important questions, you can move on to planning the conference itself. Now is the time to start coordinating with your staff, vendors, and travel consultants to make sure that your conference will run smoothly and be a success. In the planning process, it is always a good idea to have a written checklist of the different tasks you need to accomplish. This checklist will help you keep focused and prevent you from wasting time on unimportant tasks. Keep in mind that the success of your conference depends on your planning, so if you want it to be a success you must put in consistent effort towards making sure everything goes according to your plans.

Before you finalize the venue selection, you should gather all the information regarding the topics you will discuss in the conference. This would include the title of the conference, the theme, the target audience, and purpose of the conference. After you have finalized all these items, you should then contact a conference organizer to find out more. A good conference organizer will offer you several options for the conference exhibit hall you are looking for. The organizer can also recommend a reliable and affordable conference exhibit hall rental service for you. A good service provider is better since they will provide you with a wide selection of exhibits that are suitable for your conference.

When you are looking for a conference exhibit booth rental service, it is important to establish a timeline as well. The timeline will help you determine when to place an order, when supplies are coming in, and when to expect installation. Since most exhibition booths require extensive set up, it is important to establish a timeline as well. By setting a timeline for the setup of the booth, you can be sure that the company offering you the exhibit will be able to deliver on the timeline. By establishing proper timeline and budget, you can also determine the price of the equipment needed for the exhibition booth rental service.

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